Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Back to March 2013

The picture on the left was taken when I was 38 weeks pregnant with lots of swelling thanks to preeclampsia. After my c-section I had around 35-40lbs of water on me. It was incredible really. People were worried about my health and how swollen I was but it was just part of having Mr. Jack!  All that water took a heavy toll on my body. Jack was born in March of 2013 and I had joint pain from all my swelling up until December 2013. I am not making excuses for still having the baby weight… but a 10lb 5oz babies can do some crazy damage to your body. I am 5’7” so thankfully I had some height in my favor but it was not enough! Haha. I will say I am very thankful I was induced at 38 weeks due to preeclampsia. Jack was showing no signs of wanting to enter the real world so my guess is he would have stayed until 42 weeks and been induced anyway. Can you imagine how large he would have been then? 11 or 12lbs? Yikes!

So a year went by… Jack turned 1 and I realized this is enough. I am tired of trying to find time to workout and trying to eat healthy. So several months ago I took a big step and started a big fitness journey. A good friend of mine told me about Focus T25 and how you can do a 25 minute workout at home. I thought… WOW I can do that! I decided I WILL NOT miss a workout. I WILL NOT give up, I WILL push play 5 days a week!

I made it to 8.5 weeks of Focus T25 without missing a workout. I had days I felt exhausted but I pushed play regardless. I was committed! Then it happened… I fell off the wagon… and it was a HARD fall. As most of you know my husband Greg travels a lot for work. He was away on business and Jack was a mess. Who knows why? I always blame it on the teeth (haha). It also could have been because he was getting sick. I was heartbroken I had pushed so hard through 8.5 weeks and now could not get myself to push play if my life depended on it! Promised myself I would workout the following day. Well the following day involved a plan ride to visit Greg up in Boston. To make a long story short… the plane ride was TERRIBLE. Jack was a mess and so was I. We were both sleep deprived and I felt like I was a failure. I had everything packed to workout and stay committed too! I had my computer, dvd’s, stretch bands, sneakers and workout clothes. The entire 6 days we were away I was so tired with a sick baby I couldn’t even think of touching any of it. Jack slept terrible in the strange hotels and he ended up getting a bad cold that turned into croup/stridor. That then turned into 2 dr visits and 1 ER visit. He is finally better Thank God! I swear it took me another week to fully recover from that.

I was so scared and upset that I fell off the wagon. As we all know it’s very hard to find time away from our busy schedules to workout and keep ourselves healthy. I felt like a complete failure and thought I wouldn’t get back on the wagon. But I did! I am BACK ON AND LOVING IT! I spoke to my challenge group and got so much support. It happens. We are humans. IT IS OKAY!!! Don’t forget being HEALTHY and FIT isn't a fad or a trend IT’S A LIFESTYLE. I am in my last week of my workouts and I am getting excited to post some transformation pictures. STAY TUNED!

I am not physically where I want to be yet but I am headed in the right direction. My heart and soul is into getting physically fit and eating better. After having a baby it is amazing the new outlooks you have in life. I want to be a good role model for Jack with my physical activity and my eating habits


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