Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fat vs. Muscle

Fat vs. Muscle

I ask you.... what are you trying to change?  Your body or just a number on the scale? 10lb's lost on the scale does NOT mean 10lbs of FAT lost from your body. I feel like SO many of us get caught up with a number on the scale.  I know I am one of the guilty ones too!  I hardly ever get on my scale anymore.  I felt like I was too focused on a number and not how my clothing feels. 

We all carry out weight differently.  The image below is a perfect example of that.  You can weigh the same but be more or less toned then your friend who weighs the same.  It all depends on how much fat vs. muscle you have in your body.

When trying to lose weight or tone up try to stay away from the scale.  Focus on taking pictures and measurements.  You will occasionally want to check your weight and that is okay but stop being obsessed over the scale!  Don't forget about non-scale victories!!!

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