Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aldi's Shopping Experience

My Aldi's Shopping Experience
For any of you who have never shopped at Aldi's I have the how to guide right here!  So I have been trying to save on groceries.  I have been asking around how everyone saves on groceries and I heard a lot of good things about Aldi's.  I try to eat clean and  buy organic items for anything on the dirty dozen list.  That all depends on the price too I have to be realistic and stay within our grocery budget. Groceries in general are SO expensive anymore and eating healthy has become more financially hard.  But please check into all your local discount grocery stores from Aldi's to your local scratch and dent.  You will be AMAZED at the deals you can find.  I was reluctant too... just take the step and check it out.   I finally made the trip last night but wish I would have been notified of what to expect!  Here are my takeaways:

1. QUARTER FOR A CART -  I had to put a quarter in a cart to use it.  They explain that it allows to them to keep pricing down.  It also encourages you to bring the cart back which in return keeps the parking lot nice and clean.  Overall I was a little annoyed I had to dig for a quarter which I didn't have but thanks to my neighbor who I went to the store with I was able to get a cart - Whew!

2. NO BAGS - Aldi does not use bags which is a similar concept of what I am used to when I attend my local BJ's store.  I didn't know that so I didn't have any bags.  Another big thanks to my neighbor for lending me a bag!  I was a little upset on how fast the cashier rung my items up and just chucked them from the register to the cart.  She didn't even pick them up to scan them!  They were in the cart in a large pile.  I have gone to lots of discount and scratch and dent stores and you get better customer service then that.  But I get it... fast, efficient, cost effective! 

3. NO CREDIT CARDS - FYI If you ever shop here they do not accept anything other then DEBIT CARDS or CASH.  My neighbor again helped me here - man what would I do without her? This is also how they are able to keep costs down.  They do not have to pay for credit card processing fee's!  

4. ORGANIC SELECTION -  They did have a decent amount or organic items from frozen strawberries, fresh bananas, fresh baby carrots, granola, honey, pasta, sauces etc.  I was pretty pleased with the selection of organic items.  Big Thanks to my husbands sister for informing me of this!!  I will definitely go back for some of the organic items.... good prices.

5. PRICE - I got a lot of items and only spent $55.00.  I know at whole foods for those items It would have been around $90.00+  So the prices are very good!

My overview of Aldi's for my organic shopping but I will remember my bags and cash next time! :)  For anyone with a gluten allergy they did have a lot of gluten free options so you should check it out.  

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