Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tools to help you deal with your anxiety


I have been able to get my anxiety under control with clean eating, daily exercise routine and the help of some wonderful anxiety phone apps.  So here are some tips to help you get your anxiety under control!  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions via email or through facebook.  

Clean Eating
I have always considered myself a healthy eater.  I love salads, veggies and healthy snacks.  I was never a clean eater... I ate a lot of processed foods and pre packaged snacks.  You can learn all about clean eating on my website at:  Clean eating is all about eating whole foods and eliminating processed foods such as pre sliced lunch meats with nitrates in them to artificial sweeteners (splenda, equal etc.).

By eating clean I feel so much better not only physically but mentally.  I feel like I am sleeping better and not feeling as sluggish as before.  It is amazing how much junk we put into our bodies and we really do not realize how bad it makes us feel until we eliminate those foods out of our diet.  I urge you to at least give clean eating a try!  You will be surprised with how you will look and feel.

Daily Exercise 
I was never an athlete and was never muscular and in shape.  I would have considered myself skinny fat.  I was at a healthy weight but no muscle tone at all.  After having my son I had some severe anxiety and depression setting in.  It was years and years of small bits of anxiety that build up overtime and came to a screeching half after I had him.  I was scared of something happening to me that would leave him without a Mom.  I know all of this goes back to me losing my Dad in a tragic car accident.  You can read more of my about me to hear my full story and battle with anxiety.  

I started working out and getting in shape.  I not only felt better about myself but I was getting into clothing I had not worn in a long time.  A lot of my anxiety is health related so knowing I am taking control of my health it eases my anxiety.  I also had high cholesterol and triglycerdies.  With eating clean, daily exercise and Shakeology I was able to get that under control.  I was about to start my medication and my bloodwork came back great!  I was in tears I was so excited.  See the Dr.'s letters here:

I was no longer letting anxiety rule my life. 
 I had taken charge and I was not turning back!

Phone Apps
Here is a list of the top anxiety apps for you to try: 

I have several of them on my phone and love them! They have helped me so much! If I find myself getting overwhelmed or feeling anxious sometimes just a few minutes of one of them helps me tremendously!! These are GREAT tools to use when you are out and about. I use these apps the most in the evening before going to bed. I find myself hitting the sheets and all the things I didn’t get done are building up in my head and before I know it I feel anxious. If you are in a room with someone else you can easily slip in your ear buds and put them in one ear so you can fall asleep listening to this. I pass out right away!
I challenge all of you today to try these apps.  Maybe you do not battle with daily anxiety but I am sure there are times you feel overwhelmed and these could come in VERY handy. Download several of them and give them a try. Leave us all some feedback here on what worked and did not work for you. My favorite app is “Stop Panic and Anxiety Help”  If you download these please let me know what your favorite app is.

If you are battling with anxiety and are ready to take control of your health please fill out my challenge group apllication form.  Each month I have a limited amount of spots in my challenge groups to learn about clean eating, meal planning, exercise, recipes, motivation, accountability and best of all me as your own personal health and fitness coach!


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