Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Never Too Late

It's Never Too Late

Even when our lives get in the way of staying in shape, it's never too late!  There is always time to get back on track.  We all have excuses or reasons why we aren't working out and why we are out of shape.  What is your reason?  What can you do to change that and feel better today? 

As a stay at home Mom who works from home I know all too much about TIME.  I know people who are working probably think I have all the time in the world to workout.  That is so not true.  Having an active 18 month old who is on the go 24/7, and a husband who travels a lot and is not home until late makes finding time very hard!  But I made time, I made it fit into my schedule. It was not an option for me!  I wanted to be healthier for myself and for my family.  I want my Son growing up to see me as a healthy role model. 

Our routine is to get up in the morning, I have my coffee first, my Son has breakfast and we go downstairs to do a 30 minute workout.  What is amazing is he is so much in the routine that if I am off schedule he is waiting by the basement to go downstairs.  He actually puts on a sweat band with me and entertains himself while I work out.  I have a baby play pen filled with fun toys in it.  I LOVE that I an get an intense workout in at home in only 30 minutes!  It is a game changer for me.  It is the perfect time for the both of us. So today take charge of your health!  Say NO to being miserable and not fitting into your jeans. Take Charge!

If you would like help with taking charge of your health today please fill out an application to be considered for one of my challenge groups. I hold them each month and it is a place where you will be held accountable for your goals and motivated to keep you pushing along.   I will help you create customized meal plans and be your one on one personal health coach the entire way through.  I am here to help YOU CRUSH YOUR GOALS.  So stop saying tomorrow, stop saying I don't have time, stop saying I don't have the finances to do it.  STOP the EXCUSES.  

I was there one time.  I was not working...  I had to convince my hubby that this was different and to be on board with me.  Thankfully he was.  He knew I was miserable and he knew this was the best thing for me.  My only problem was I was so scared to ask to buy it. I was one of those fad dieters.  I bought pills, I bought other in home programs, I had a treadmill at one point, I did the occasional yoga class, If it was a fad or it was the newest item on the shelf I had it.  So what made this time so different?  Well I can tell you it was the support!  I had a group I could relay on for help and support!  This was a GAME CHANGER for me.  I did Weight Watchers and it was great but getting there with my Son was darn near impossible for me.  I also knew buying a treadmill was also out due to the cost.  

My hubby also knew that I am a busy bee.  He knew I LOVE having work to do.  As much as my little man keeps me busy and I love him to the moon and back I still needed more.  I had an empty hole to fill and it was work.  I needed something to keep my mind active and to keep me busy.  I cannot express how much Beachbody has changed my life, my health and my finances!  Thank you again Beachbody!  The opportunity to be on one of the largest teams has been a blessing and best thing for my health and anxiety!  I am happier then I have been in a very long time and keeping my body and brain healthy.  If you are interested in joining my team as a health and fitness coach please fill out an application (no experience necessary).

I urge you if you are finding excuses to please chat with me.  I can be reached via email or facebook messenger.  You have to be ready to make a change and to commit but I can also help you push that little devil off your shoulder!  I can help you find time to workout.  I have a variety of programs from dancing to hard intense cardio.  



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