Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Most of us want to just enjoy the holidays. We want to say we will commit in the New Year to changing our lifestyles. No mater how much weight we want to lose or how healthy we want to be, we always put it off. We only are doing more damage by waiting. Wouldn’t you feel so much better if you could at least control your weight gain over the next few months?

This is the biggest time of the year for temptation. We end up going to parties after parties and having a cookie here, a slice of cheesecake there, some eggnog here and some casserole dishes there. Each calorie adds up and ends up making you feel bloated from all that dreaded holiday weight gain. 

I know it is Holiday time and some of you are strapped for cash. Some of you might say I can’t afford to take charge of my health today. Ask for a challenge pack as a gift this Holiday season! Maybe you have a birthday coming up and this could be an early birthday gift? 

Join in one of my groups and find out all my secrets of staying fit over the insane Holiday months. Learn how to meal plan, be held accountable and stay motivated. Most of us are more successful when we are up against a group of people in a challenge. So ask me how you can survive the holidays! 

We CAN do this TOGETHER! I will be having my homemade pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. It is one of my most favorite things. I will make sure to not pile my plate high with carbs and more carbs so I can splurge on that cheesecake. At Christmas time I know I will dabble into some of my homemade candies. I am HUMAN! ☺ By working out each day and eating healthy the rest of the time I am confident I will survive these Holidays and will have managed to lose weight and stay on track!

This Challenge will Include:
Your own Personal Health coach (ME) :)
Support, Motivation & Accountability
Meal Planning Support 
Clean Eating Tips
30 day Meal Replacement Shake
Workout Program

if you are serious about taking charge of your health!


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