Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shakeology No-Bake Cookies

Shakeology No-Bake Cookies

I have been wanting to make these for a few weeks.  I finally took the time today to make these sweet little treats for the first time.  All I can say is they are AMAZING and will KILL a sweet tooth!  This is a super easy recipe and you can whip these up in no time.  Make these for your next girls night or party and surprise people with this HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS packed TREAT!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme - Save $70 - Limited Time Only!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Results
The 21 Day Fix EXTREME® program has been designed specifically to work with Shakeology® to help you shred up and shed off those final few pounds. When you choose the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and Shakeology Challenge Pack you get all the healthy nutrition, support, and motivation you need to see serious results in just 21 days.

Here's what you'll get with the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and Shakeology Challenge Pack:
A 30-day supply of Shakeology—the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness results*—delivered on Home Direct.**
The 21 Day Fix EXTREME program, including 7 color-coded portion-control containers, 7 easy-to-follow 30-minute workouts, 1 Shakeology shaker cup, and a simple Eating Plan to ensure your success.
A FREE 30-day VIP Trial Membership to the Team Beachbody® Club, where you can access tips, fitness and nutrition tracker tools, and more.**

Plus, when you order through me, you'll get a bonus workout—The Fix Challenge (a $19.95 value)—FREE!

You ALSO get me as your personal health coach to work with you 1:1 on all your health and fitness goals.  

With the purchase of a challenge pack you gain access to my challenge groups (you can learn more about them here).  Please feel free to email or FB message me directly with any questions.  I would love to get you into an accountability group that keeps you motivated and helps you CRUSH your goals!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Shakeology Recipes

Valentine's Day Shakeology Recipes
Shakeology, be mine! We love Shakeology so much, we’re making it our Valentine’s Day drink (and dessert) of choice. Spread the love! Make one of these yummy recipes to share with someone special.

Strawberry Valentine
This strawberry and Greenberry Shakeology smoothie is sweet and pink, just like a Valentine. Get the recipe.
Strawberry Valentine Shakeology

Double Berry Shakeology
This delicious smoothie has the flavor of sweet raspberries and strawberries, plus 12 grams of fiber per serving! Get the recipe.
Double Berry Shakeology

Neapolitan Shakeology with Strawberries
Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Shakeology blend perfectly to taste like Neapolitan ice cream. Get the recipe.
Neapolitan Shakeology Recipe

Choco Cherry-licious
This smoothie combines Shakeology and cherries. Frozen black cherries are already pitted, so there’s no muss or fuss to add cherry flavor in your shake! Get the recipe.
Choco Cherry-Licious Shakeology
Strawberry Sea Salt Shakeology
A little bit salty, a little bit sweet, and totally delicious. Get the recipe.
Strawberry Sea Salt Shakeology

Tiramisu Shakeology
“Tiramisu” is the Italian word for “pick-me-up,” but in dessert form it’s more like something to weigh you down. Try this tiramisu-flavored smoothie instead! Get the recipe.
Tiramisu Shakeology Recipe

Shakeology Mocha Mousse
Craving chocolate? This creamy mocha mousse tastes decadent, but it is good for you and loaded with protein. Get the recipe.
Shakeology Mocha Mousse

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beachbody On Demand: Coming Soon!

Beachbody On Demand: Coming Soon!

SAAAAY WHAT????  Yeah you heard me.... BEACHBODY ON DEMAND! 

Many of you have been asking about live streaming workouts.  Well they are here!  You will soon be able to get unlimited, on demand access to stream Beachbody workouts anytime, anywhere!  

With Beachbody On Demand, Team Beachbody Club members will be able to stream hundreds of Beachbody workoutsincluding P90X® and INSANITY®from the digital library. You’ll also have access to nutrition guides, calendars, and more at the touch of a button. All just by being a member of Club. More details coming soon.


When will Beachbody On Demand be accessible?
Sometime in the Spring of 2015 - stay tuned!

Will I need to buy the fitness program to stream them?
No. Programs inside Beachbody on Demand’s digital library come with a membership to Team Beachbody Club.
Will there be an extra cost per workout watched?
No. Unlimited access is included in Team Beachbody Club membership at no extra cost.
Will I be able to stream workouts internationally?
Yes. You will be able to stream abroad as long as you have a valid internet connection.
Will the workouts be available to download and watch offline?
No. Programs inside the digital library come with a membership to Team Beachbody Club.

If you have questions or want more information please feel free to email or fb message me!  I would love to chat with you to find more about your own health and fitness goals.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Healthy Valentine's Day Food - Inspiration Board

Healthy Valentine's Day Food - Inspiration Board

Believe it or not..... Valentine's Day is a week away. Here we are thinking about another Holiday filled with calorie packed food.  Know you can still make good choices.  Here are a few healthy & tasty treats to make for your loved one this Valentine's Day. <3 


Hope these inspired you to make something healthy for Valentine's Day! <3  
Happy Valentine's Day to each and every one of you.

Dark Chocolate Walnut Pomegranate Clusters

Dark Chocolate Walnut Pomegranate Clusters 

Ohhhh my goodness 2 of my favorite things!   
Pomegranates and chocolate oh my!  Love it!  Love this tasty recipe.  Enjoy!

  • 8 ounces dark chocolate
  • ¾ cup toasted walnut pieces
  • ¾ cup pomegranate seeds

  1. Melt chocolate in double boiler. Make chocolate clusters one of two ways: (1)Mix walnut pieces and pomegranate seeds in with chocolate and put spoonfuls of chocolate mixture on parchment paper lined baking sheet; (2) line mini-muffin tin with paper liners. Spoon a little melted chocolate in the bottom of the liner. Sprinkle a few walnuts and pomegranate seeds on top, then drizzle more melted chocolate on top. Sprinkle another layer of walnuts and pomegranate seeds on top, and finish with a drizzle of melted chocolate.
  2. Place in refrigerator until firm.

NotesI tried making these chocolate clusters with black walnuts as well as regular walnuts. Black walnuts have a unique flavor. They are stronger tasting and have a little bit of a fruity flavor that paired nicely with the pomegranate seeds and chocolate.