Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My 21 Day Fix Journey

My 21 Day Fix Journey


Day 1:  
I felt GREAT!  I was hungry at night... but I ALWAYS am.  I am a late night snacker and eat most of my calories after 8pm - I know that is NOT GOOD.  That is why I am here. Doing this! Getting myself BACK on TRACK!  I went to the grocery store and meal planned everything.  I portioned out my food for 2 days and had everything READY to go so I CANNOT FAIL.  I kept the food simple and kept it to things I know I would enjoy.

These workouts are only 30 minutes!  All you need is a yoga mat, a set of light weights and a set of heavy weights.  I started this the first time with 5's and 8's.  The second time I am doing this with 8's and 10's. For all you busy Mommies out there this workout can be done in the same room as a crazy toddler.  I AM PROOF of that! :)  He loves working out too... he will throw in a few yoga moves. 

Tips for a Successful Day 1:
  • Make sure your meal plan is SET!  Stick TO IT! No exceptions.
  • Make sure you have a few meals  & snacks portioned out and ready to go!
  • Purchase these amazing food compartment containers.  They have been a life saver for me! Grab and go! 
  • Remind yourself you are going to wake up sore tomorrow from that workout and it is okay.  That you will still push play regardless of the soreness.  NO EXCUSES.  Stretch it out and get that workout in.
  • Make sure you are prepped for tomorrow!
Day 2:
I woke up feeling fantastic.  SORE but fantastic! Wow the buns are burning!  It is AMAZING how sore I can be from not doing certain moves for a few weeks.  So NEVER discount a workout you have done before.  Whew!  I have physical therapy today for my hip so that will be an hour workout and I am cringing on doing the squats and lunches due to my bum already burning.  Anyways!  I am here.  I survived day 1... I didn't cave into my cravings at night and I stuck to my guns.  I must say that is quite the accomplishment for me!  I am so happy!  I am still so shocked on how much food you get to eat on this program.  Here is my food portioned out and ready for the day.  Not everything is pictured.  I had my shakeology with unsweetened almond milk, half banana and a tsp of pb2 with my shake.  I also had a coffee with some coconut milk and an orange.  YUMMY!

Tips for a Successful Day 2:
  • Check in with your challenge group and coach.  Make sure you are getting all the support you need!  The key point is to be supported, held accountable and stay motivated! YOU GOT THIS!
  • Take some time to pat yourself on the back for surviving Day 1!  Way to go!
  • Go for a little walk to help loosen up those tight muscles!  

Day 3
No joke this body is SORE!  I am totally feeling the burn but it is a GOOD burn. I will admit I did not want to push play today... but I did anyway.  I committed to these 21 days, no excuses this time! I am ALL in :)  I have my meals packed for a fun day out with a close friend of mine.  Meal is packed for lunch so no excuses to cheat while I am out. 

Tips for a Successful Day 3:
  • Stop and think how you are feeling... you might be battling some hunger pangs.  If so DRINK MORE WATER.  Make sure you are getting in enough water each day.  That is key to weight loss.  If you need tips on jazzing up your water read my blog article: 5 Tips on How to Drink More Water!
  • You have committed to these 21 days.  Make sure you have a plan to stay on track when the weekend hits.  

Day 4
Okay so the glutes and ham strings are still sore!! Whew!!!  Physical Therapy is helping build more muscle but also making me sore too on top of the workouts. I noticed in the morning I did not drink a lot of water and I felt hungry.  So I went and got a plan together to stay hydrated.  I felt so much better.  I cant' tell you how many times we are thirsty and think we are hungry.  Give it a try! 

Tips for a Successful Day 4:
  • Start thinking about your meal plan for next week!  It is almost the weekend and you will want to do your grocery shopping and get your week in order.  I just completed mine and I feel like I have weights lifted off my shoulders.  I know I am all set for next week!  Now to shop at my favorite store - Wegman's tomorrow and get everything I need.

Day 5 
Wow today was not a PERFECT day by any means but it wasn't horrible either.  I had plans to head to Wegman's and run a few other errands.  First I am super excited my Wegman's trip went super well.  I got tons of fruits, veggies and lean meats.  I am stocked and ready for week 2.  Downside... hubby was craving for some white pasta. We hardly ever eat that anymore so I said okay!  Well I ate some and then ate a bit more.  I give myself a 3/5 for food today but it could have been worse!  Tomorrow is a NEW DAY and I am ALL IN! <3 However I did push play so It wasn't that bad!

Tips for a Successful Day 5:
  • Make sure you are staying on track with your food.  I find that setting out all my snacks for the week help me out so much.  For example I will portion out cottage cheese, yogurt, unsalted peanuts, carrots, fruit etc.  I even portion out my frozen fruit for my Shakeology.  It makes it so much easier.. GRAB and GO!

Day 6 
I packed my cooler full of snacks and took my lunch with me.  We were away most of the day and I wanted to make sure I had good options with me.  I discovered this is one of my favorite snacks.  It is packed with protein and the sweetness of the cherries helps curb my craving for sweets.  I couldn't have been more happy with this snack! :)


Tips for a Successful Day 6:
  • Start cooking and getting your meals in containers for next week. 
  • Stay strong this weekend and push extra hard.  Double up a workout if you can! Push!

Day 7
So my little guy decided to get up at 4:30am today.  I did not get my workout in until 2pm but that is okay! I got it in!  I even did Total Body Cardio because I am swapping the yoga for tomorrow.  I am anticipating a hectic day tomorrow so I wanted something a little less intensity.   I am not giving up and I will be pushing extra hard this week.  I am working on getting my meals set up for Monday and Tuesday.  My son is starting swim lessons tomorrow which are every weekday for the next 5-6 weeks.  It is a HUGE commitment but we are dedicated to it and that means I have to plan my food a few days in advance so I can stay committed.  I have my cooler ready and will be staying on track. No excuses! :)

My Inspirational Board!

Tips for a Successful Day 7:

  • Pin some inspirational images to your refrigerator.  It might be your WHY, your kids, your family, pictures of your dream body etc.  Regardless of what it is put it in front of you each and every day!  It will help keep you focused!
  • Download 21 day fix tracker for your phone.  It can help you track your foods on the go!  Check out your app store on your smart phone.  

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10
Today was a busy day!  I could have planned a little better but I didn't let the day get the best of me.  I ended up coming home later from an appointment and ate a late dinner.  I am gearing up for a weekend away with my husband so I am making sure I have my Shakeology packed for that trip.  I know it will help me stay on track.  I plan on having one nice cheat meal this weekend... something that is worth the calories!  Overall I feel GREAT. My abs are burning like crazy and I feel like I need an extra YOGA day this week. 

Tips for a successful Day 10

  • Pack Shakeo packets for on the GO!  If you do not have packets simply scoop a single serving into a snack size zip lock bag.  These will store fine in your travel bag and keep them at an arms reach to keep you on track.

--- this is being updated daily -- stay tuned for tomorrow! <3 ---


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