Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Battle of the BULGE Health & Fitness Challenge

We are kicking off another AMAZING challenge group on June 22nd!

I am looking for 5 men and 5 women who are looking to be healthy and fit in my upcoming health and fitness challenge. You may have weight to lose or you may not. You may want to learn to eat healthy or you might already be a clean healthy eater. Maybe you need accountability! Whatever you reason is these challenge groups will push you to the next level and hold you accountable! 

✅ Easy to Follow 30 Minute Workouts 
✅ Simple Meal Plans
✅ 1:1 Support 
✅ Accountability & Motivation 
✅ Secret Online Forum

I do not believe in fad diets. Sure they work. Sure you can lose weight fast but will you keep it off? You are not learning how to eat properly and make it a lifestyle. There is no MAGIC PILL. If there was we wouldn't be where we are! 

This plan focuses in on REAL food and healthy eating. We also incorporate a routined workout schedule.

My spots are filling up quickly! This is my second challenge group of the month so if you want in... get in now! Please fill out a challenge group application here.

Unsure if you want to do this challenge? 
Ask yourself...
1. When is the last time I felt happy the way I looked?
2. How is my sleep? Do I feel rested?
3. How is my health?
4. How is my weight affecting my life?
5. How are my bad eating habits affecting my health?
6. Why not me? Why not today?


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