Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Health & Fitness Tips to help YOU stay on track this Labor Day

Tip #1 Stick to your normal routine!
As much as you can that is!  Don't stress yourself out but try to stick to that 
normal routine. So if you feel your best when you workout in the morning make 
sure you continue to workout in the morning.  If you are traveling and don't have 
access to your programs go for a run. Mommies if you are with a hand full of 
kids... PLAY TAG!  It will tire them out and you will feel fulfilled! Get your cardio in 
somehow! :)  You will feel better doing something then missing that workout. 
 We are creatures of habit.  When we get off schedule and track our entire bodies 
are off.   I know for me personally I turn into a big GRUMP! The biggest reason I get 
like that is because I feel like I have lost control when I get out of a routine.  Getting 
off your routine makes it that much harder to get back into one.  So keep that routine! 
You can do this!

Tip #2 Pack a Cooler
Are you one of those people who party hop over the holiday weekends?  
One BBQ to another?  The cooler can be your answer!  I always pack a small 
cooler with ice packs, extra water, fruit, veggies, yogurt etc.  One of my favorite 
cooler snacks is my 2% Fage greek yogurt with fresh cut cherries.  It is simple to 
make and fills me up! Grab and go easy to eat and healthy items to help me stay
 on track.  So before I go into an event I will have my snack.  This helps me 
with preventing over eating because I am hungry and it also helps me stay on track.  
Now I can have some healthy fruits, veggies and a lean meat.   Another trick I do 
all the time is have my Shakeology on the way to the event.  This really helps me 
stay on track!  I stay full, helps curb my sweet tooth and allows me to feel 
energized and ready show that BBQ who is BOSS!

Tip #3 Bring a Dish 
Do you dread the friend who always has the best baked goods?  
The wonderful food?  All the things you don’t want to eat because you 
have been doing so well?  Don’t completely deprive yourself! Offer to bring a dish 
that you know you will eat so it will help you stay on track.  You can still have 
some cheat treats.  Remember cheat treats or cheat meals… not cheat days….  
Not cheat weekends! 

Here are some of my favorites! 

Need a healthy dessert to take?  
These cookies ARE DELISH!

 Tip #4: Live by the 80/20 Rule  
So the best thing is that you can have that cheat meal!  You can enjoy that 
burger and beans.  But what you can’t do is eat like that all day and all weekend.  
I eat clean and healthy 80-90% of the time.  I really try to control this throughout the 
week.  I eat salads, lean meats, clean healthy fulfilling foods.  I do this because 
know so well we travel a lot on weekends.  We are on the GO!  So I make sure 
that we eat as good as we can throughout the week so we can enjoy that slice of 
Pizza and a margarita!  Life is all about enjoying it and living so don’t deprive yourself!

Yes Yes Yes it's true I make Gnocchi and stock it in my freezer! SHH don't tell 
the clean eating fairy! :)  Well it is clean... it's just not the healthiest!  
But it's something we eat for a treat it is the one cheat meal I make at home.  
This stuff is worth every calorie!  Being able to workout and eat clean most of the 
time allows me to peacefully enjoy these little nuggets from heaven!  

Tip #5 Don’t Skip Breakfast 

know so many of you skip breakfast.  Yes I have been guilty of it before but skipping 
breakfast is the worst thing you can do for your body.  Don’t try to skip a meal to save 
calories for later.  Instead try to make a healthy breakfast like scrambled eggs with whole
 wheat toast vs. a pancake breakfast at your local diner!  My favorite breakfast is my 
Chocolate Cherry Shakeology!  Shakeology can help you stay on track throughout your 
day and will leave you feeling energized and will keep your body regular!


We are humans!  We have bad days!  We are not perfect! 
 This is not a ticket to go and ruin your weekend with bad choices. What this is meant for is a friendly reminder that we are humans and we make mistakes.  If you are EVER looking for that extra support, motivation or accountability please reach out to me!  I run monthly challenge groups that help with just that.  We are just like YOU!  We have bad days... heck sometimes bad weeks!  But what matters is WE GET BACK UP and GET BACK INTO our ROUTINES!  




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