Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Beachbody Coaching Scared Me

I can remember back to when I thought about becoming a Beachbody coach.  I thought about how I could NEVER do something like that.  I was pretty sure that the top coaches were hired by Beachbody to lead the company and be at the top.  BOY WAS I WRONG! I not only get to be on the top team of all of Beachbody but I get a weekly call with the top coach as well!  
We are normal people just like you, living crazy busy lives looking for that secret sauce.  Beachbody has become the secret sauce!  IT is a real program that is not a fad diet.  It has gotten me as well as my challengers REAL results.  Our CEO Carl Daikeler stands behind every product and workouts daily with us!  Now that is pure dedication!

I was scared.... because....
I was never athletic   
I never felt comfortable in my own skin
I lacked confidence
I had no experience with health and fitness

I was unhappy with myself and knew I needed a change.
I didn't want to fail 

However… I did know….
I was unhappy and need to make a change ASAP
I had high cholesterol and it was causing severe health anxiety for me
I had Postpartum Depression and was taking medication for it
I had to kick the baby weight 
That I needed something bigger to fill my cup.  Being a stay at home mom was wonderful but I needed to feel fulfilled in my own personal life as well.
That we needed to move in the near future (most likely into a higher cost of living area). We were still living in my husband’s bachelor pad at the time! J

After lots of Google searches and asking everyone I knew… I took the plunge!  I joined the Beachbody coach network!  I haven’t looked back or regretted one minute of it!   

1 year later… 
I have been able to....
Put extra money into my sons  college education

Pay for a 6 week 1:1 swim instruction course for my son plus maintenance lessons

Pay for Pre School for my son

Have financial freedom to make decisions we wouldn’t have been able to make without Beachbody

To be able to purchase furniture for our new house and get what we wanted

Help people lose weight and regain confidence and their health back!  That is the BEST reward of all! 

I know you are asking yourself how real can this be?  Take it from me – Beachbody coaching is as REAL as it gets.  There are a million work at home companies you could work for.  There are a ton of other ways you could make money from home.  The difference with Beachbody coaching is.... it encourages you to be the BEST person YOU CAN BE!  Digging deep into personal development and helping others has allowed me to grow every single day.  I am able to help people transform their LIVES and be a healthier and more fit version of themselves. 

I am looking for people who want to help others change their lives. 
Those who want to bring financial freedom into their own life and stop putting things on credit cards.  To start paying for things in cash and living a life by their own design.

If anything I said sparked interest with you. Please apply below.  I would love to chat with you!

This just might be YOUR TICKET to ONE AMAZING JOURNEY! <3 


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