Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey You!!

Wasn't it YOU that wanted to get those results? It doesn't have to be a six pack abs, maybe it is losing those last 10lbs of baby weight. It is possible you are on blood pressure or cholesterol medication and
want to try and get off of it. You might be pre diabetic and WANT TO BEAT that! Maybe it is simply learning how to eat better and be the best version of YOU!


Come January 4th I am kicking off an EXCLUSIVE Hammer and Chisel Test Group. That means you get to be one of the FIRST people to do this program with ME! This group has all the love, support, daily motivation and accountability you need to CRUSH your goals. 

FORGET NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS in 2016! They are for the birds! We are committing to LIFESTYLE CHANGES and REAL RESULTS. Those are the results that last a LIFETIME. Fad diets and programs that lack the support will most likely get you results but 9/10 most people fall back into old habits. We are all about teaching you HOW to live this type of lifestyle and live with all those amazing results for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! 

I will ARM you with every tool you need to be successful. You need this group to crush those goals. I mean let's FACE it... how many times have you failed before? If I had to count for myself.... overtime! I failed OVER and OVER again before I You will learn everything from meal planning to clean eating to how to stay true to YOU!

Here is goal crushing in 2016! Who is with me? 

All serious inquires fill out an application here:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good Nutrition = Results

Can I be real for a moment?  Most of you want to get in tiptop shape… but most of you will not make it a priority especially around the holiday!  I understand and TOTALLY get it!  The treats and food at the parties is so difficult to stay away from.  I get it!  But remember it DOESN’T have to be that way!  These parties DO NOT have to own you! 

If you want to change…. YOU have the POWER to change!

I am offering a 60 day brand new test group with a brand new release of the Masters Hammer and Chisel which is a hard core program with weight training, cardio and balance!

We will focus in on your nutrition because lets face it that is where most of us struggle!  Most of us can show up for a workout but the food part is where we fall apart on.    You can still enjoy the foods you love but in the right portions. 

If you want to take your fitness to the next level, and you are ready to make that change please fill out an application here.

My gift to you: during this week only (until Saturday December 19th at midnight) I will be giving a $20 cash back to the next 5 people who commit to making a change.  This is your CHANCE to GET HEALTHY, save over the holiday season, and enjoy life a little bit more with confidence!  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Will Be My Year

Every January there is a huge surge in gym memberships and the urge to get those holiday pounds off!  Did you know that study conducted by the University of Scranton found that in 2014, the number one New Year's resolution amon Americans was to lose weight. That means losing weight was more important then paying off debt, getting organized, spending less money and even enjoying life!  You heard me right!  Losing weight was the first priority before living life to the fullest.  So what does that tell me?  It tells me that people are UNHAPPY The way they feel.  They feel like their clothing doesn't fit right and are tired of feeling that way. 

I would love to help YOU stay accountable and motivated this time around! I am a health and fitness coach and will work with you 1:1 to help you crush goals! 

So this year, if you want to come out on top, you've got to know your enemy. To help, below are some top stats you need to know heading into 2016—plus some pointers on sticking to your guns.
45: Percentage of Americans who usually make New Year's resolutions
10: Amount by which people who fully commit to making resolutions are more successful at keeping them.
1 in 3: Number of people who ditch their vows by the end of January. Top reasons include being too busy or not being committed to their goals in the first place.
66:Percentage of resolvers who set fitness goals as part of their resolutions.
73: Percentage of those who gave up before meeting their goal.
4: The number of times those same people have given up on their fitness resolutions in the past.
7: Percentage by which men are more successful than women at resolving to exercise.
38: Percentage of people who don't make resolutions in the first place.

Are you up for beating these odds?  I know I AM!!!  

Step 1: Commit To a Health & Fitness Program
I can help you do this!  Please fill out an application below and I will get in touch with you.  I will help you pick out a workout program based on your goals.  I will also help you meal plan based on the foods you enjoy.  I am here to be your own personal cheerleader / health and fitness coach.  You will have an entire challenge group of like minded people with the same goals all encouraging, motivating and helping each other CRUSH GOALS!

Step 2:  Tell Everyone About It !
I know this sounds crazy and totally out of your comfort zone but it helps!  If you tell your friends and family you are committing to a health and fitness lifestyle change 9/10 they are supportive!  For whatever reason if they are not that is when you lean on us even more!  WE ARE YOUR ROCK! 

Step 3: Baby Steps
Some of us do better with starting with baby steps.  My challenge groups are typically 30 days.  The first week is a pre season week.  So we focus on meal prep, recipes, figuring out that meal plan and setting you up for complete success.  I don't expect you to go from eating fast food and no workouts to a workout every day and clean eater in 24 hours.  We will take this in phases and in steps!  For some people a drastic change is okay and if you like that we can do that but for others I will work with you 1:1 to encourage those changes.  

Remember we do not DIET!  Losing weight is NOT about diets but about a lifestyle change.  That is how you maintain and continue to be the BEST version of YOU that you can BE! 

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