Tuesday, January 26, 2016

21 Day Fix - Tips For Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  

Are you looking for tips to make you successful?

Do those containers look CRAZY SMALL?

Not sure how or what to do with Shakeology?


I want you to know you have this program already you have taken the first step to change!  So take a deep breath and let's do this together!  For the next 21 days I am going to post a daily tip on how to be successful with 21 Day Fix!  I will be adding these to my 21 Day Fix Pinterest Board and my Clean Eating Group on Facebook.  If you have any tips that worked for you please share them below!

Tip #1: Join a Challenge Group
So many of us get overwhelmed with change. My best advice is to join a challenge group.That is what helped me be accountable and stay true to my goals. My challenge groups have a week of pre season.  So that means we take 7 full days to get you ready for this change.  To share tips and tricks on how we are successful in our own journey.  

If I am your coach we have already talked about challenge groups.  If I am not your coach and you would like more information on my challenge groups please fill out an application here.

You might be saying wait... WHAT In the WORLD in a challenge group?  It is a private Facebook group that will help you stay true to your goals.  

Tip #2: Create a Meal Plan
The hardest thing for us to do is control our food.  
I'm sure you are sitting there saying YES
IT IS!  I am so overwhelmed I want to QUIT NOW!  Well guess what... NOT AN OPTION!!! You made a decision to be here for 21 days and I will help you get through those 21 days! 

You might already go to the gym and or complete these workout programs at home and have not received results.  If this is you I URGE you to keep reading and get SERIOUS about meal planning.  The best part about 21 Day Fix is the portion control with the containers.

To create a meal plan with 21 Day Fix you must first figure out your calorie range.  You can do this by reading through your booklet that came with your program.  Meal planning not only helps me stay on track with my food it also helps me to not over spend at the grocery store.  It helps control that impulse buying!  I would love to help you meal plan.  So if you have any questions please feel free to email me here

Feel free to check out my post on 21 Day Fix Meal planning here.

Tip #3: Color Coded Baggies
These awesome color coded baggies help me stay on track.  When I am meal prepping I will throw my hard boiled eggs into RED baggies and my veggies into GREEN baggies.   I will also portion out some of my grains like quinoa in my YELLOW baggies. My cheese goes into my BLUE baggies. I am sure most grocery stores carry them but I found them at Target and Legman's

Tip #4: Fill Your Containers Properly 
Yes it is okay to jam in extra spinach into your green containers but be careful of others! Do not overfill!  As long as you can close the lid and it stays closed you are okay.  It's when you cannot close the lid and/or or pops off!  Keep that one tip and use it daily and you will not over eat.

So make sure to fill those containers cautiously! 

Tip #5 - Drink Your Shakeology Daily

Shakeology is optional to use while doing the 21 Day Fix, however, it is highly recommend 

that you take it.  If you are doing a challenge group with me it is required.  Learn more about how Shakeology changed my life by clicking here.

Shakeology has nutrients that are extremely beneficial to your health and it is a great meal replacement.  If you take Shakeology you can boost your energy, immune system, and weight loss progress.  It helps curb cravings, keep you full and push your results to that next level.  If you are not currently drinking Shakeology and you want to take it up to the next level - let's chat!  

Tip #5 - Make a Grocery List
You can easily set yourself up for success by writing out your grocery list and sticking to it! It will help you spend less money at the store and help you stop those impulse buys!   Base your list on the foods you chose for your meal plan.  It's okay to buy a surplus of these foods so that you have a little extra on hand, but try to stick to the amounts that match your calorie level.  You will see in my meal plans I repeat a lot of meals to keep it simple.  I eat leftovers the next day for lunch.  I also only ever try 1-2 new recipes a week (if that)! Don't over complicate it :)

Reminder: One green container holds about
1 cup or more of veggies, and that a serving of protein is about 4 ounces (before cooking).  If you plan to eat 4 red containers of boneless, skinless chicken breast over the next few days, you would need to buy 1 pound of chicken.  

Tip #6 - 21 Day Fix Tracker App for iPhone

If you are like me and your on the go a lot it can be challenging to keep track of your containers.  The perfect solution to keeping track of your containers on the go is using the  21 Day Fix app for iPhone! IF you are an android user you can find similiar apps to download you might have to pay a fee for them.  This amazing app allows you to track your containers, your water intake, workout, food and measurements! It's clearly a WIN WIN! :)  

Tip #7 - Use a Formula Dispenser for Shakeology 
on the Go!

Planning ahead and being prepared are the two biggest things that will make you successful with this program.  The workouts are proven to work so if your following them combined with these two things you WILL get results.  

One of the biggest tips I tell my challengers is to buy a formula dispenser.  Yeah those crazy little containers for baby formula! Who knew they could be so key to the 21 Day Fix program?  Simply fill each slot up with 1 scoop of Shakeology!  Now you have Shakeology for on the go.   You can add in multiple flavors and totally be prepared! :)

Tip #8 - Hold The Vision 
Trust The Process 
This is easier said then done! Trust me 
I know... been there before.   My biggest advice to you is to read your 21 Day Fix booklet that came with your program.  Ask tons of questions!  Make sure you set up a meal plan that you can stick too.  Make sure those meals are foods you enjoy and like.  Having confidence in this program is going to take you very far.  Committing to those 21 days, being all in and trusting the process 100% is going to get you results!  I PROMISE!

Tip #9 - Use the 3 Day Refresh to
get over a plateau!

We all have hit a plateau at some point or another.  The 3 Day Refresh is a great way to get over that hump!  It is a great way to slim down to get into that special dress, to beat that holiday bloat or to simply get over that plateau!

It consists of healthy clean foods and no dairy, no meat and a solid 3 days of being focused.  If I can do it - you can too!  So give it a try if you have been frustrated!  But remember the number on the scale is not a direct reflection of your success!  With the 21 Day Fix you are gaining muscle too so focus on inches lost as well!

Check in on Friday's for more posts!


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