Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hammer and Chisel Here I COME!

I am excited. 
I am nervous.
I am ready..... to change.... to make 2016 MY YEAR!

Hammer and Chisel.... 5:30am here I come!  

My workout clothes are ready.  
My Energize is ready to go
My meal plan is ready! 

All 3 alarms are set.  Now to make sure I get to bed early and can get up and workout before my son wakes up.  That is the HARDEST part for me!  I struggle with going to bed early!  Where do you struggle with getting your workout in?

I am thankful for this challenge group to keep me accountable and keep me motivated.  GOAL CRUSHING here I come!

Want to join me in this amazing 60 day transformation?  

Please fill out an application below to save your spot!  


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