Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Is Your Honey Real Honey?

Most of you know I have been battling the wonderful germs this cold season.  With a toddler in preschool it's bound to happen - right?  

I am on another round of antibiotics for this intense sinus infection and one of the Dr's orders was to eat good Greek yogurt every day. I was happy because I LOVE Greek yogurt.  My favorite is the 2% Fage Greek yogurt.  You will pay more money for it but it is HANDS DOWN the best out there!  Hone is a great cough suppressant so I have been drinking it in my tea.  I wanted to get more honey in so I figured I would combine them - how delicious of a choice this was!  Hands down loving it <3

I am also blessed with friends who have bee's and have their own local honey.  So I got 2lbs of that good stuff and I must say it's DELICIOUS! This girl has consumed a good amount of honey lately.  Which got me to digging on more information on honey.  Always educate yourself on things you put into your body.  ALL HONEY IS NOT THE SAME!  

I found the article below on how store bought honey isn't honey.  I found it to be VERY interesting.  I can say hands down I have had these honey's in my house in the past.  So I guess in a nutshell I was really just adding sugar to my food.  The mass produced and processed honey has no real medicinal purpose!  Also those little honey packets you get while on the go are in the same category.  In this article below they mention the ones they tested had 100% of the pollen removed.  This is heart breaking!  

Read the article here: Tests show store bought honey isn't honey

We all know that honey is loaded with health benefits.  That is if you buy REAL honey.  So know your honey source before you buy it.  Most of us watch for the words "Made in China" and stay away from food products made in China.  I just want to point out that most of the mass produced honey is coming from Brazil.  It is known that Brazil has received China honey and re labeled it as their own.  

So don't take the risk - buy local!   Don't buy mass produced store bought honey.  Go to your local farmers market, farm, co-op etc.  You will find real honey there!  Make sure you read the label and know the source.  


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