Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shakeology Price Objection

My biggest object on Shakeology is price.

I felt the same way before I tried it. I thought HOW MUCH FOR A BAG OF POWDER? No way I will try every other brand before I buy that stuff! So I did I tried them all and nothing was great or life changing as it should be for that price! I wanted something that did not have filler ingredients. Something that did not have artificial sweeteners in it. I got to a point that I was willing to give it a try. I thought worse case I'll return it for that money back guarantee!

Long story short... I got it fell in love and didn't need to take cholesterol medication anymore. I was sold! 

Today Is a big day fro me. I haven't had my Shakeology in several days. For those of you who know me that is a BIG DEAL! I have felt WAY off. My body is not functioning at normal levels since I don't have it! I have been pretty sick and everything was making me cough so I couldn't have my Shakeology. Man did I miss this stuff! I am sitting here enjoying every single sip.

If your biggest objection to Shakeology is PRICE I encourage you to stop and think about all the places you spend money. Think about the Starbucks drive through at $4+ a drink. Think about how many times you eat out during lunch hour at $8-$10+ a meal. Think about how that all ads up! Shakeology comes out to a little under $4 a day! That is TOTALLY doable isn't it?

So I ask you... What is stopping YOU...
from trying Shakeology? 
from taking control of your health and fitness?


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