Thursday, September 8, 2016



In September it is the month of BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

It's the month of change and back to routines. Which also means us mommas are BUSY! We are trying to figure out our daily schedules again and get situated into a routine.

This also means teachers are back to work- feeling overwhelmed - getting their groove back - and needing time to re energize! What better time to start?!?

I will be raffling these amazing Performance line sampler packs off!!! I will be raffling them off on September 26th& October 10th. When you join my next challenge starting October 3rd and you have a chance to win this!!!! The sooner you get in-the better your odds of winning a Sampler package ($20 value)!!!

Challenge Groups consist of:
💟 committing to a fitness program
❎ committing to shakeology
🅾 committing to me as your coach
✅ committing to you and the group

Are you ready?!?


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