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The purpose of my challenge groups are not only to transform your body, but to keep you committed for long term success.  I focus on changing your entire life.  These challenge groups will allow you to focus on clean eating, meal planning and prepping, recipes, accountability, motivation and me as your coach!
Team Fit2bFree challenges run every month, typically on the first Monday of each month, and last a total of 30-60 days (depending on the challenge pack purchased).

These challenges are not just about transforming your body.  They are about goal setting and long-term success.  My goal is to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

You will need to be willing to open up, be honest and face the emotions that have been holding you back. Allowing you to acknowledge those things will help you to grow and be successful in transforming your body!

Our groups not only transform your bodies, we focus on changing your whole life. Mind, body and spirit. I want LONG TERM success and that comes with changing your WHOLE life not just your eating habits. You have to be open and willing to change. You have to be in the right mind set! This group will push you past your limits and make you step outside your comfort zone!

My challenge groups will push you far past your comfort zone.  Change never happens inside your comfort zone.  So get ready to be real, train mean and eat clean!  
I want long term success for you!

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