Ultimate Reset

Whether you're looking to finally get healthy and fit for the first time and know Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ is that first important step, or you want to optimize your stamina and metabolism to take your fitness regimen to the next level, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset can benefit you because it's optimized for all levels of health and fitness.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a unique program that helps people of all ages find relief from digestive problems, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, asthma, arthritis, depression, and inflammatory conditions. It has also helped active individuals get even more out of their workouts because it restores the body and makes it more efficient.

Scroll down to see my day by day blog entries!
Email any questions to me directly - meynon117@gmail.com

What benefits can you get in 21 days?

  • Remove Harmful Toxins
  • Lose Weight Safely
  • Increase Energy
  • Lower "Bad" Cholesterol
  • Boost Mood and Mental Clarity
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Regularity

Learn about my struggles, my triumphs my journey 
day by day be reading my posts below! 

WEEK 1 - Reclaim Phase
Day 1
I will be 110% honest with you!  I had a MAJOR mental block today.  I told myself a million times I could do this. I was scared of getting sick.  I was scared of feeling like crap.  I put my FEARS aside, dealt with them and focused on the positive.  I know that getting through these first few days will change my life forever.  So I know I GOT THIS!  

I do have a mild headache all day which is making me edgy.  I know it is not from the coffee because I can go a day or two without coffee and no headaches.  I am chalking this up to the detox which means it's working.  No processed foods, no added colors, no fillers, no preservatives.... i guess that is what I am feeling.  My body trying to adjust to REAL foods.  WOW!  Now I am excited to see what the rest of the week has in store.

As far as the food goes I am SHOCKED.  I loved it all!  The breakfast was amazing. Lunch I even made my own dressing. For dinner as a family we enjoyed the potatoes, chicken and asparagus.   The regular plan called for Salmon which I do not like so I substituted chicken.  That is the beauty of this program - easy to switch it up!  Rock on day 1 bring it day 2!

Day 2 

I woke up with the mild headache again.  It is much better today then it was yesterday.  I am feeling less bloated and my digestive system feels better.  

The food today was so delicious I am repeating some of it throughout the weekend.  The breakfast was amazing.  I am so used to sugary yogurts (watch those puppies they can have a lot of sugar) that I would have never imagined plain greek yogurt with maple syrup would be SO DELISH!  YUM! This will now be a staple item here!  

I have been feeling very tired... and I can't tell if it's because my body adjusting to the reset, the time change (we just got back from Italy a few days ago) OR BOTH! :)  All in all I rocked today.  I am PUMPED for tomorrow!

Day 3

So the tiredness hit me last night.  I passed out at 8:30pm putting my son to bed.  OH WELL! Clearly the body needed some rest.  I got up with energy and NO COFFEE at 5:50am.  Can I just tell you THAT NEVER happens! I NEVER get up out of BED with ENERGY like this!  I feel GREAT.  Also no headache today!

I loved the food options so much from Day 2 I am repeating most of them for today.  It is the weekend and we have Halloween parties galore.  So I know by eating something I like, that is approved on the reset and that I can take along with me will keep me on track! 

Day 4 

I survived our second Halloween party this weekend.  NO cheats.  NO slip ups.  NOTHING! Now that is impressive FOR ME!  I have been packing a lot of the same foods because they are easy to eat on the GO.  I had my meals packed and was very open with everyone around me that I was doing the Ultimate Reset and that I had my own food.  Wow was everyone supportive! I was shocked!  So many times we feel so pressured to eat bad!  Not the case today!

Day 5 

So if my weekend wasn't enough with the parties my son and I had plans to be out all day today.  I prepped my food and had everything ready.  I was with the same group of friends today so I didn't have to explain much on what I was eating and why!  I packed the same foods that I knew would travel easy.  I came home and cooked dinner for my family and resisted all the other temptations.  Honestly at this point it is easy to say no to food! I GOT THIS!

Day 6 
Today was a good day!   I weighed myself and I am officially down 9lbs.  SAY WHAT?  Yes 9lbs! So I know some of that is water but regardless I FEEL GREAT!   I will take my final measurements and weight at the end. Everything is starting to become a habit by now.  I am used to the routine.  I know how much time I need to prepare fresh meals.  I can't believe I was scared to do this?  I will say it has really challenged me when it comes to parties!  WILL POWER RULES! <3  

Day 7
I must say I have this plan nailed by now.  I feel great and I know what I can eat and when I can eat it.  Tomorrow is the start of day 2 I know It is going to be another learning curve and new foods.  I can honestly say I do not miss meat! I thought I would but I don't! I will miss my oatmeal and eggs in the morning.  My fruit is prepared and ready for breakfast along with my decaf tea.    

I can honestly say that  my attitude is better and my overall mood is better.  The only struggle I have had all week is being tired.  Come 8/9pm I want to just pass out on the couch!  


WEEK 2 - Release Phase

Day 8 
Today was a GREAT day!  I did great with my water.  The supplements are getting easier to remember.  In week 2 of the reset you add in an extra packet called detox.  It actually didn't taste bad at all!  Meals were all new since I am in week 2 of the Ultimate Reset.  I tried the lentil quinoa salad which was to die for.  Man all those spices that have been sitting in my cabinet are clearly being put to the test.

Day 9

So today was the hardest day.  Wait did I say that already? HA!  We all have colds and my son was on the stubborn side today.  This really challenged me.  I ended up eating a little bit of a cereal bar because I was starving.  Note you should NEVER feel hungry like that on the Ultimate Reset.  For me it was POOR planning today.  But life got the best of me.  If that is the WORST thing I do on this cleanse I consider it a WIN!   I tried the roasted red pepper and sweet potato soup - delish!  I am eating cleaner then I ever have and getting results I have been waiting for! 

Day 10

I will start this post out with I am far then perfect!  Up until today I have been spot on.  I haven't missed anything... but life got to me!  I had a busy day and I did not plan ahead of time.  I ended up eating a cereal bar and was so mad at myself.  AS I was out trick or treating with my Son I told myself It is OKAY!  Life is not perfect.  I am not perfect.  I need to bless and release, wake up tomorrow and hit RESET!  I am excited to start tomorrow to hit that reset button and to be halfway done!  

Day 11

So thankful for today!  I weighed in and I am still doing great!   I am ready to finish rocking week 2 and give this last half all I got!  The biggest struggle right now for me is  keeping fresh veggies in the fridge.  I am going through so many delicious fresh ingredients.  I tried the hearty vegetable miso soup and loved it!  I made a double batch so I can have some for lunch tomorrow.  The beauty of this program is you can make double the amount for some of your meals and eat the rest for another meal.  Rock on Ultimate Reset I am off to bed to get my REST. 

Day 12
Today was just a typical Monday! My son was up super early (Thanks to Daylight Savings Time Ending).  So there is a bit of an adjustment today due to me feeling EXHAUSTED! You wouldn't think an hour would make that much of a difference but it sure does.

I have been sick which is not good!  I ended up going to the doctor getting antibiotics, cough medicine and lots of cough drops.  Well let me tell you what... that is a big DEBBIE DOWNER on this program.  I am putting all this CRAP into my body during a cleanse.... stupid right?  Well I had to listen to my body.  I needed help.  I was NOT getting better and I was EXHAUSTED!

Day 13
I spent most of my morning running errands.  I had my wonderful shakeo for breakfast.  Packed my snacks for on the go and made sure I was home for lunch. Being on a regimented food schedule and food plan is TOUGH at times.  I was not going to let that be an excuse!  

I cooked a bunch of sweet potatoes and green beans today so I had extra for the next few days.  On this program and most days prior to this I cook a bunch on one day so I can just reheat and keep moving during the week.

Day 14
I spent the morning hanging out with a wonderful new neighbor!  She had all the good fruits and veggies for me.  I will say it's very awkward saying "Hey I am on a cleanse" but you wouldn't believe how many people commend you for doing it!  I never wanted to be looked at as the "quack" or the person who is a health nut.  I don't see myself as that person.  I see myself as a healthy well balanced individual.  

I am ending phase 2 strong today!  Having a delicious dinner and looking forward to a new journey tomorrow.  Now to start putting together a plan for after phase 3.  I am pretty sure it will be 21 day fix extreme.

Week 3 - Reclaim Phase
Day 15
Today is day 1 of a new phase! This is my third and final week of this program. I'm super excited to get even more results this week! I cannot wait to share all these results with you guys. 

I could sit here and give you 1 million reasons why I want to quit today. But I am better than that. I am stronger than that. Having an ear infection, allergies, a toddler who has been getting up super early because of the time change are just excuses! They are not going to stop me!!! Pushing full stream ahead!

Day 16 
I am starting to get some sleep from being sick earlier in the week.  I have struggled with what to eat because a lot of the foods are making me cough more.  The quinoa in phase 2 was scratching my throat.  I totally had a PBJ sandwich.  Yes it happened.  Yes it was whole wheat but guess what I owned it! I am here to push full steam ahead and not let my mistakes own me!  

Day 17 
I did not eat enough today and was very HANGRY.  For those of you who are not familiar with that term it's when you have gotten so hungry you get angry!  That was my fault.  We had a party to attend and I didn't get what I ordered so I opted to take a few bites and be good and not eat white pasta etc.  I was fully prepped with my snacks so I had some peppers and an apple to eat.  That was better then nothing.  Tomorrow is a NEW DAY!

Day 18
I could sit here and tell you how great I feel... because I do but most importantly I have broke through a weight loss plateau I have struggled with for months!

Was I perfect - NO WAY! Here are the reasons I was NOT Perfect.....

Which means I took antibiotics, cold meds, all the crap you shouldn't take during the reset. My body is detoxing so these items i thought sure would screw my results. They would be my doom and gloom. BOY was I WRONG!

YUP I own it. It happened. It shows my flaws and that I am just human. Trust me 21 days with no dairy, meat, caffeine, sugar (other then organic maple syrup and honey) is HARD! VERY hard! I needed something I could eat that wouldn't make my throat scratch.

With being sick and the coughing I am up several times totaling a few lost hours of sleep every night. But you know what? It's not owning me. I wake up every morning and decide that I am still doing this FOR ME!

With being sick I haven't had the energy to even do yoga. I have had some great walks but that is it. On the reset you aren't supposed to workout hard anyway walking or light yoga. So if i had to say I didn't give my activity the BEST but hey I am also running after a 2 year old all day too. That has to count for something - right?

I am beyond belief of the number on the scale.... because I have NOT been perfect. This program is a TRUE testament of how food is such a KEY role in weight loss. You can workout for an hour a day, drink on the weekends, eat like crap for lunch every day and NEVER get results! If you need help with meal planning or food options please reach out to me I would LOVE to chat and share my favorite recipes with you.

Most importantly stay accountable and true to your goals this weekend. DO NOT over indulge. Live by the 80/20 rule! It pays off TRUST ME! 

Day 19
Okay so I have something to admit - I was less then perfect yesterday with my food at my moms surprise birthday party. But hey I didn't drink coffee! I had decaf TEA! It was a high tea party anyway! I had a blast Mom! High tea was so much fun 
heart emoticon
I will say I am dying for some coffee right now! I am working a little later then normal and need a little boost! But I will push through the craving!
You know what I have learned the most in these 3 weeks? That no matter WHAT you want to do YOU ARE IN CONTROL! If you want to give up coffee, lose weight, stop smoking, stop a bad habit or whatever it might be....... IT'S UP TO YOU! Simple AS that!

Day 20
The Ultimate Reset ends tomorrow! This means I need a game plan for coming o

ff the Ultimate Reset. So I am digging deep today and putting together my next meal plan! I am starting another 21 day program and sticking to a very clean and strict meal plan! It's just for 21 days!

Day 21
I really cannot believe today is my LAST DAY of the Ultimate Reset!  I feel energized and in total control of my eating habits.  I really thought I will go out and eat a hoagie or a big breakfast the day after but I have no desire to do so.  I have conquered healthy eating and have learned that you are what you eat!  

If you are NOT getting the results you want with your current health and fitness program I would love to share with you some of my favorite healthy recipes that I learned throughout this program.  Losing weight and being healthy does NOT mean you have to deprive yourself but to live a life of 80/20!  Eat healthy and clean 80% of the time so you can have those cheat meals!  Ultimate Reset I love you!  Goodbye.... until I see you again! :)  I totally see myself doing this at least once a year!  A GREAT way to kick off the new year!

To get more information on the Ultimate Reset please 
email me directly at meynon117@gmail.com. 
 I would love to chat with you! 

 If you are READY to get into a challenge group and want to 
be held accountable please fill out a 
challenge group application here.


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